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Maruti True Value is India's No.1 organized Pre Owned Cars brand .True Value is a venture of India’s largest automobiles manufacturer “Maruti Suzuki India Ltd”.


India’s pre-owned car market is growing and maturing in tandem, with Maruti Suzuki True Value at the forefront. Our objective is to empower both the pre-owned car buyers and sellers, through a methodical integration of technology and industry experience. Hence, the new True Value on Mathura Road, Faridabad, with Professionalism at its core offers Transparency, Reliability, Simplicity and Warmth.

Here is what you can expect at out True Value Mathura Road Outlet

  • Digital evaluation of 376 checkpoints for pre-owned cars that you can rely on.

  • Providing fair, transparent prices on pre-owned cars from multiple brands.

  • Transparency in our services to make it convenient for both the buyers and sellers.

True Value Advantage

  • Stringent evaluation to select only well-maintained pre-owned cars, because buying a pre-owned car shouldn’t be a compromise.

  • Seller Details are completely verified because you should know everything about its previous owner.

  • Transfer of Ownership is done by the True Value dealer because customer convenience is paramount for us.

  • Our pre-owned cars come with a 1 year Maruti Suzuki warranty* because we understand how important your peace of mind is.

  • Get 3 Free Service, because we live up to our assurance of providing true value.

  • Accidental cars are segregated from the non-accidental ones, because customer transparency is all important.

  • Our pre-owned cars are refurbished only with Maruti Suzuki Genuine parts and accessories, because we believe in quality, and not cutting corners.

  • Nationwide True Value network, because customer accessibility is a crucial aspect.

  • 376 checkpoints based digital car evaluation, so that you always get the right value for your car.

Not just a 360  check 376 checkpoints

We digitally evaluate and inspect all the cars leaving no margin for error. Our 376 checkpoints help us ensure that only the best quality cars are sold to you. Your peace of mind matters to us as much as it does to you.


Each car undergoes a detailed digital inspection and evaluation

Engine and Suspension

  • Silencer

  • Radiator/ Condensor

  • Oil Leakage

  • Belts

  • Filters

Brakes and Transmission

  • Brake pedal operation

  • Brake assembly

  • Gear box

  • Axel and Boots

Exterior and Interior

  • Structural damage check

  • Headlights check

  • Wipers check

  • Rear view mirrors

  • Indicators and tail light

A/C and Electrical

  • Warning lights and meter

  • Battery condition

  • Starter motor

  • Fuel pump

  • AC Cooling

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